BANGGOOD Review - Pinza amper. Mastool

OGGETTO SUPER CONSIGLIATO. Ogni tanto faccio uso di questo strumento per la realizzazione dei miei oggetti che vedete sulk mio canale Youtube


SUPER RECOMMENDED ITEM. I use this tool a few times for the creation of my objects that you watch on my Youtube channel


MUSTOOL MT336 600V True RMS Digital Clamp Meter with AC V/A Waveform Display Multimeter Oscilloscope 2 in 1 Non-contact Current Waveform Measure Frequency Resistance Capacitance Diode Test

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No need to connect, gently clamp with the clamp head,can directly shows the current waveform, safe and fast
waveforms can be mesured within 600V high voltage 1kHz ACV/ACA.
It is a ture RMS multimeter as well !!!


This Auto Range TRMS clamp-type Waveform dispaly Muiltimeter ,it is controlled by DSP and has the functions of oscilloscope, DC/AC Voltage, AC current, Resistance/Diode/On-off, Capacitance, Frequency, Temperature measurement, etc., and has Relative value measurement function.


Display Display area Back light
128 x 64 LCM 45mm X 35mm Black screen white backlight
Impedance Battery Auto shutdown
10MΩ AAA 7th battery*3 No operation for 15 minutes
Low power Storage Size
Yes 100 datas, 10 waveforms 78mm X 210mm X 36mm
Use environment Storage environment Weight
CTC 〜+40°C; <75%RH -10oC 〜+ 60oC; < 90%RH 220g (No battery)


DC voltage 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V 土(1.5%rdg + 10dgt)
AC voltage 4V/40V/400V/600V (TRMS) 土(2.0%rdg + 10dgt)
AC current 40A/400A 土(2.5%rdg +10dgt)
Resistance 400Q/4kQ/40kQ/400kQ/4MQ/40MQ 土(1.0%rdg + 5dgt)
Capacitance 4nF/40nF/400nF/4uF/400uF/4mF 土(4.0%rdg +10dgt)
Frequency 9.999Hz 〜30kHz 土(2.0%rdg + 10dgt)
Temperature -20℃ 〜250℃ 土(2.0%rdg + 3dgt)
Diode Open circuit voltage is about 3V, maximum test current is about 2mA
On-off test Judgment resistance: about 50Ω
Analog bandwidth ACV/ACA 1 kHz
Other functions TRMS,REUAuto/Manual Range,Backlight,Aufo shutdown,Oscillating

Pacakage Includes:

1 x Clamp Meter
1 x One Pair of Test Leads 
1 x English User Manual
1 x Temperature Probe