BANGGOOD Review - Succhiastagno elettrico

OGGETTO SUPER CONSIGLIATO. Ogni tanto faccio uso di questo strumento per la realizzazione dei miei oggetti che vedete sulk mio canale Youtube


SUPER RECOMMENDED ITEM. I use this tool a few times for the creation of my objects that you watch on my Youtube channel


2 In1 30W 220V Soldering Iron PCB Solder Sucker Desoldering Pump Welding Tool EU Plug

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Electric heating double use solder sucker with soldering iron

Size:Approx L:265mm W:20mm
One head diameter:2mm the other head diameter:1mm
Main color:blue

The solder sucker is equipped with two different diameter of the sucking head.
Please accord to the thickness of the component for choosing.

Connect to the power supply, preheat for 3 to 5 minutes.
Push down the piston handle, use the head of electric iron to aim the welding spot of the component,wait until the welding spot has been melted, than remove the control button,the soldering tin will be absorbed into the pump.

Package include
1Xsolder sucker
(including two different different diameter of sucking head and one soldering iron)