BANGGOOD Review - pinzette per smd

OGGETTO SUPER CONSIGLIATO. Ogni tanto faccio uso di questo strumento per la realizzazione dei miei oggetti che vedete sulk mio canale Youtube


SUPER RECOMMENDED ITEM. I use this tool a few times for the creation of my objects that you watch on my Youtube channel


9 Pcs ESD Tweezer Anti-static Stainless Steel Precision Tweezers for Electronics Nail Beauty

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Package Included:
1 x Tweezers Set (9 in 1)
1 x Storage Bag


1. Convenient, safe, flexible, durable.
2. Suitable for electronics repairing or nail beauty.
3. Good strength, using stainless steel as material.
4. Surface is coated with special materials, anti-static.
5. A package bag is included, easy to carry and storage.
6. Both sides of the rake are polished and chamfered to give them a better feel.

1. Model: RY
2. Material: Stainless Steel
3. Tweezer Type: EDS-10, EDS-11, EDS-12, EDS-13, EDS-14, EDS-15, EDS-16, EDS-17, EDS34A-Sa
Tweezer Type Size
EDS-10 122mm
EDS-11 141mm
EDS-12 135mm
EDS-13 120mm
EDS-14 124mm
EDS-15 125mm
EDS-16 125mm
EDS-17 124mm
EDS34A-Sa 120mm